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Finsweet classes does not work as expected after copy to other project

Please help me with the combo classes. Why in my project they are not working as in finsweet clonealble project? In the picture below I have shown how it works in my webflow document and in the project cloned from finsweet. I am definitely not understanding something or this is a bug…?

Preview link: Webflow - Test CMS Airtable

Hey @peter_savi
Weird. When I duplicate a finsweet project, the combo works as it should…
Have you tried duplicating it again ?

Hi @jptrinh , Thank you for your interest in the problem. So the combo works as it should on the cloned Finsweet project but stops working (see second picture) when I copy the classes to the new webflow project. Why? Can you tell me why in the shared document the combo does not work as it should - like in the finsweet project?

What I did to work with a client-first system, was to begin my work on the cloned project :slight_smile:
I suspect that your combo is not working correctly because of the order of the CSS styles… You can reorder them to be like in the template with finsweet Webflow plugin.

See their doc here : CSS Specificity

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Yep, this is it. Thank you for pointing this out.

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