Finsweet Attributes No Longer Working on Chrome/Firefox


I’ve had a few of the Finsweet Attribute solutions such as CMS Filters, implemented for a few months and they’ve worked great without any issues. However, this week they’ve stopped working on browsers such as Chrome (Desktop & Mobile apps) & Firefox. They currently seem to only work on Safari (Desktop & Mobile).

I didn’t change anything on the website or publish any changes when this issue was first reported by several of the website’s users, so I’ve got no clue what could’ve caused this on our side.

Here are the chrome console logs, where it shows the following errors Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Here are a few of the things I’ve tried to identify/fix the issue:

  • Tried different network connections

  • Tried the automated attributes support service, but it shows no issues.

  • I’ve looked at other websites that use the attributes solution, including the Finsweet cloneables & working examples and they all seem to have the same issue: They work on Safari, but not on other browsers.

  • Cleared browser cookies/cache

  • Made sure no ad blockers/firewalls are in use

Thank you for your support in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Can’t help with your problem, but this is why I tend to avoid external solutions. Webflow really need to build in these fundamental bits of functionality… How many years has it been now?

You could look at for filtering - which does work well, I just find it absolutely mad that there are people charging $40/mo to extend Webflow’s functionality, especially if you only have one website that you need it for :joy:

Completely agree. I’ve recently had some core functionality break on a client site due to a custom code workaround for something that should be a core WF function by now. I’m hoping WF’s deliberate pausing of Membership etc will give them time to work on improving the basics.