Finsweet attributes cms-previous-next

Hi, I’m working on a CMS page where I have a prev/next button at the bottom. I’m using CMS Previous Next by Finsweet, but I’m facing some problems solving the design. I’m trying to set the “prev” link to be left-aligned and the “next” to be right-aligned. My latest attempt was to set the fs-prevnext_insert-post div as a flexbox with a reverse direction, but without any success. Do you have any ideas on how to give the fs-prevnext_collection-items a unique style depending on whether it’s previous or next?


You shouldn’t need a spacer or anything, flex already has the ability to do a spread layout like you’re describing.

DIV - flex, 100% width, use the flex layout setting for left-right with a gap between 
  DIV - your prev elements
  DIV - your next elements