Finsweet 2 Filter types 1 cms

Hi Webflowers,

I am having a slight issue with finsweet CMS filter. I have two filter types, radio button for desktop and dropdown for mobile. They both filter the same CMS, however they dont work together. I Can only get one working at a time, almost like they cant both work but only one at a time.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Heres my read link, under “apparel” page.



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Hi Dylan, just to check you are trying to make this a dropdown box on the mobile and then have it filter through the categories collection?

Hi Dna,

I want both the buttons and the dropdown to filter the same nested collection list “categories”.

But the dropdown is for mobile & the buttons are for desktop. Ive left them both visable on desktop though just whilst I try get them working.

So far the dropdown is working but the buttons are not working.

Although when I was setting it up, I created the bottons first and they was working fine, then I added the dropdown and that was working fine but after I added the dropdown the buttons stopped workingand I cant firgure out why or how to get them both working and filtering the same category collection. If that makes sense.

In the photo attached the red is for desktop filter and blue for mobile.



So I haven’t got much experience with e-commerce plan. However I’m assuming you’d like to flicker through the products according to the filter on top . This can be done via tabs which is much easier and I am assuming you can just add the “add the cart” button to each product however I have connected the collection list to the drop down on the on the mobile and seems to be working.


Yes thats right, both the radio buttons and the dropdown are already connected to the right collection. The dropdown already works fine and is only currently visable on desktop whilst I work on it, but once all functioning it will only be visable on mobile.

The tabs are an interested reccomendation, but how would I be able to connect the cattegories collection to a tab? for it to be able to filter the category type?