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Finished E-commerce site

Another site with Foxycart + Webflow

A children’s organic clothing company based in the UK.
The brief was “make it colourful and fun!”

Hope you like it!

I created the logo and characters which will be published in a book soon. :grinning:

The only thing I haven’t found a solution to is the price with £21.50 for example. It drops the zero and displays £21.5 on the product page. I’m using code from Foxycart to show a live/updated by selection price from the CMS, but the format from the CMS seems to be ignored.

Client was happy to alter the prices for the short term but if anyone has any ideas then please let me know!


Great job @magicmark!

I’ve only used the Shopify buy button combined with CMS. This is the best and more complicated integration with Foxy that I’ve seen so I’m wondering if you might answer a few questions.

  1. How tech-savvy are your clients and how are they feeling about using the Foxy backend to update the ecommerce?
  2. Would you be willing to share a read-only version of the site so others can learn how you did it?
  3. What are the biggest obstacles with Foxy to work around?
  4. Any advice or steps for others looking to integrate Foxy?

Thanks Matthew!

They don’t need to be tech savvy. You don’t add products to @foxy , only the Webflow CMS. That’s the great thing about it. The CMS just sends the data to Foxycart through the code they provide. All your clients need to be able to do, is open the Webflow editor and add a new product. Some simple product identifiers are added if they want the price to change depending on size/colour/weight etc but that’s it.

I can’t on this one unfortunately but Foxy created a cloneable commerce template.

Only downside I’ve come across (and I’ve lost a potential client because of it) is that there is no product inventory that is updated. Most stores, you can add how many in stock, you sell one then it updates. You can’t with Webflow and Foxy.

Foxy say their side is ready but Webflow API can’t accept the incoming or other. Whoever it’s down to… you simply cannot do it.

Just sign up for an account with them and start playing with it. Josh or Adam with reach out here now I’ve tagged them. They’re not pushy. The account is free for as long as you’re designing, and the pricing is really good too.

Believe it or not, my site is quite simple to set up. If you want to see a REALLY good website and what’s possible with Foxy and Webflow, then check out by @MODBrian

Forum topic:

Hope all that helps somewhat! :grinning:

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Hi @matthewpmunger and @magicmark

As I understand it, we are getting close to this becoming a reality - Webflow made some changes for live updating of CMS just before Christmas which had been a stumbling block, and @foxy are now developing their functionality…

See the latter few posts here: Publishing collection data and removing OAuth integration


Also, I would echo @magicmark thoughts above - the client simply uses Webflow to update their products, which is why it has been such a popular solution. You the designer/dev can access the backend in Foxy when needed to tweak code, create coupons etc.

My advice is to run your initial project ideas past Josh or Adam at Foxy - they will be able to identify any limitations early on, and advise on the best ways to approach the project.

The support and info received is beyond first class in my experience!


Thanks for answering.

So this is without using Zapier in the middle?

I have played around with this project. The webflow part was understandable, but something about the Foxy backend/dashboard didn’t click with my brain.

You’re clients don’t require a dashboard or analytics and email notifications of orders were sufficient? I like all of the benefits of Foxy, but it’s hard to deny the client appeal of a dashboard, mobile app, and FB/Instagram commerce with Shopify.

@MODbrian are you able to share a read-only link for your site?

That’s good to hear. Any updates to share with us, @foxy?


The best GIF applicable in this instance…

I second that. Very good support indeed!

No Zapier in the middle.

Your clients can log in and see transactions with Foxycart. I don’t offer this to them personally as there currently isn’t a separate login for clients, so they would have access to all the Foxycart functions which isn’t great.

There is a good appeal for some clients, in which case Shopify would be good for them, if you can offer both you’d be able to decide which suit you and them better I guess. I don’t have that luxury as I only understand Foxycart at the moment.

The guys at Foxy would certainly be able to tell you what else was possible that I haven’t looked into maybe.

Good points those - depends on the client - mine have been happy to have just email!

I think the trade-off is:

  • Webflow/Foxy - full design control of the site / less bells and whistles you mention
  • Shopify - less design control (unless you master their coding language/import system) but more of those appealing additional functions

Native in Webflow one day…we hope so…make sure to vote here and complete the survey on your e-commerce needs:

:exclamation:Exactly! I’m personally rooting for Foxy and Webflow to close the gap.
:heavy_heart_exclamation:️This would create an amazing competitor to Shopify and Squarespace for ecommerce sites.

:white_check_mark: Done and done. Haven’t visit the wishlist in a while. Wondering if it’s still a relevant place to go.

@magicmark Great job on the site!!!

@matthewpmunger Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything. I’m more than happy to hop on a Skype/phone call to go over your needs. Just let me know.

I wanted to give an update on the Webflow Inventory integration. I had the privilege of doing the first full test last week and it is beautiful!

I wasn’t planning on posting a teaser yet, but since we’re talking about it, I put together a quick screencast:

Just in case it wasn’t clear, if multiple products are ordered at the same time, each product inventory count will be updated in real-time.

We’ll be opening up the integration for beta testing soon. So if you’re interested in being a beta tester, make sure you’ve subscribed to our Webflow + Foxy newsletter. DM me with your name and email and I’ll make sure you’re subscribed.




Well THAT was easy! :joy::joy::joy:

Seriously, I can’t imagine how hard you guys have worked to bring that out! That is such good news! I’m currently dialling a client who decided not to use me to let him know!

Do you have a timescale as to when this is available for testing?

:open_mouth: Nice tease!

:slight_smile: No timeframe I can publicly announce yet, but we’re working hard on getting it out the door. Also, Zapier integration will be coming soon as well.


Hello @matthewpmunger

I have to say that I LOVE @foxy integration with Webflow +1 for them as everyone else have been mentioning here.

I have created various projects with Foxy’s solution as well and I have to say that I’m delighted with the out come. Here is the one I love the most because it took me months to develop:

And while you check it, any suggestions and comments are welcome.


Great work @magicmark,

Who said webflow doesnt have ecommerce ?
We have @foxy !


@aaronocampo I will definitely check out your implementation when I get a chance. Thanks!

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