Finding my own posts in the forum

Dear all,

My site has a strange ~5px gap at the bottom. I already inspected it 2x for like 15 mins and I can’t find ANY CSS code that causes this!? Also already tried intensively to search this forum, but couldn’t find anything to solve it…

Site url:


Now after I already gave up on this, the space seems to be suddenly gone???

How can I delete this post, please?


Also how can I find my OWN posts in this forum?

Hi @Idext

I can delete those top two for you, and rename the thread to ‘how to find your own posts’ if you like?

There’s a couple of ways - you can simply use the search icon on the top right near your thumbnail - search for @Idext , or you could go to your profile, and either search or click ‘activity’ to see a list of posts/replies etc

Dear StuM,

Sure, go ahead and thanks!