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Finding Hover Image Background URL / Hover Image Loading

Hello! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to avoid delayed loading images on a hover as mentioned in this topic:

But I’m having trouble finding the background image URL’s to use in @danro’s method.

You can see the trouble I’m talking about whenever you initally visit our site, the image loading on hover is slow so causes the site to look broken, check it out:

Perhaps there is a better way to get around this problem? I have tried to reduce the images in size as much as possible to reduce this loading time but even when super quick there is a moment of ‘empty-ness’.

Any tips or tricks gratefully received!

Paul Giles

I seemed to have found a temporary fix which is to layer the images on top of each other and have the top one disappear on hover so that the images load from the start. But this causes the initial loading time of the page to be quite a bit longer!

Any ideas on how to reduce or remove this problem still welcome! Otherwise a little redesign is on the cards for this page.

Thanks again,


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