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Finding and editing Headers & Paragraph text in an existing pop up modal

Hey guys!

First post here, and thanks in advance for the help. I just took over a Webflow website for a client and I have been trouble shooting everything, and this is the last thing I have to do (yay!)

It looks like the previous designer created pop up info modal, on top of a pop up slider gallery that contain header and paragraph text


I am having a hard time figuring out how to edit the header and paragraph text as I don’t see these options at all in the style or element settings tab.

Also because it’s in a pop up modal I can’t just double click on the text and edit it like I have been able to do with all other headers and paragraph text thus far.

This is what the project modal looks like on the live site as well for reference.

Just looking for some guidance as to how to edit the heading / paragraph text in the modal.

Here’s the read only link as well


Hey @hedera :wave:

Welcome to the Webflow community!

I’ll be happy to help with this. I’ve looked at your read-only link and can’t seem to find what you’re referencing. There is no dynamic content on the link you’ve shared… :confused: (Is this a backup without the changes? If so, save a new copy and share that link :slight_smile:

If you could point me in the right direction… :smiley:

Hi @magicmark thanks so much for the quick reply :slight_smile:

I just said “dynamic content” because the support that I received from Webflow mentioned that, which confused me even more.

The changes I would like to make are in reference to the first screenshot “projectTitle”, and three “projectParagraphs” that are below that.

I just want to change the text within those, which is related to the text in the pop up modal that you can see in the second screenshot.

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So this is a static and quite complex site and possibly built before Webflow launched the CMS. It would be great for you to have this set up dynamically, but a lot of work that’s possibly unnecessary too :grimacing:

So it’s easier to show a video on what I think is the easiest way to access the data without breaking the site.


Oh and don’t forget to set the popover modal back to display: none

I hope this helps! :smiley:

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Holy crap! I literally clicked on everything BUT that “flex box” - was driving myself crazy.

Thanks so so so much, you are a life saver!! :smile:

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:smile: Happy to help! It’s so easy to miss something, so another pair of eyes always helps.

Good luck with the project, the forum is always here if you need help with anything :slight_smile: :webflow_heart:

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I have one more issue / question, but not sure if I should ask it here… or if I should create another post? How do you guys want that organized.

It’s regarding the navigation hover overlapping each other - can send screenshots if you wanted it posted here.

And thanks for welcoming me to the community, you’ve certainly made an impression on me with the help.

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I noticed that on the navigation.

EDIT: This is a negative padding on the nav list item.

Try this and see how you get on. You can just use Option + Click to remove current styles, or right click and remove.

You’re welcome, that means a lot and the reason people here help. Just pay it forward if you have the time one day. :smiley:

Okay great, thanks again man. I probably could have looked there, but I didn’t touch the navigation padding at all so that must have happened on accident.

Thanks again my man.

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Hi again Mark!

Real quick question here. I am having trouble getting out of the flex box view when going back to the projects page when I am in the Webflow designer.

See attached image.

Any ideas how to exit this view and get back to the main project page so that I can edit the hover text.

Thanks again

On the element with the flexbox setting, which was the modal, select the display: none. The modal get’s its flexbox setting from an interaction.

(The eye icon next to the grid setting).

Hope that helps