Find campaing_id fo MAILCHIMP - Recover abandoned carts

I am implementing, through API 3.0 of Mailchimp, the integration for the management of an abandoned carts campaign. I’m not using a traditional CMS / Ecommerce, but a custom environment, so I’m using Mailchimp 3.0 API. The problem is that the various REST calls, such as “GET / campaigns / {campaign_id}”, want the {campaign_id} parameter that I can not find on the Mailchimp backoffice. Can you tell me where it is?

Thank you

Hi @Sandro, I would suggest to contact Mailchimp about that from their support page:

Hi @Sandro, yeah sorry but it’s a very very specific question about mailchimp, not sure you ll find help here :frowning:

Hey @Sandro,

I found the info you’re looking for by starting the Mailchimp campaign creation for your list.

Then, once you see the triggers and workflow screen, just click “Edit Trigger” near the first trigger. You should then see a screen with the exact campaign id parameter.

Let me know if you need screenshots or anything.