F'in Sweet Attributes: Filter Using an Image

Has anyone had any experience creating a filter UI that uses images from a CMS collection as what users press to filter items in another collection? I’ve gone through the documentation of F’in Sweet Attributes and totally have been able to understand and use text labels as a way to filter lists but in my case I don’t want the clutter of text. Is there a way to potentially use “alt-text” for an image as the item that makes filters work?

You can probably just add an image to a radio or checkbox field and hide the button and label. No need to use alt-text I don’t think.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @jmkriz. I tired it out and it doesn’t seem to be working for me but I can’t get a “clean” read on if it’s because that method doesn’t work overall or if because of how I’ve got my page setup.

I realized after posting that the other “wrinkle” is that the field I am trying to filter is 2 layers deep in nesting – i.e., I Have one collection list that is categories, a nested collection list within that that is products, and then on the products a third collection list with tags (this is on the one I’m targeting to filter on). I gave up and just used Jetboost afterwards which was really easy to implement as the project is fairly time sensitive. Thanks for chiming in, though. Was hoping I could get Attributes to work fairly quickly (because it’s free and it seems more flexible) but will have to wait for another day.