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Filtering within individual tabs

Hey Webflow folks!

I have a little bit of a tricky situation that I want to solve, hopefully completely within Webflow without custom code.

I built this site for a client:

Now we are doing upgrades to the site, and one thing the client is asking for, is adding a filtering options within the tabbed element on the Who We Are page (linked above).

So, an example to explain it a little better:
Imagine that you are on the first tab (this feature will have to go in each individual tab). You should have the option to filter between people located in different locations. Right now we don’t show this information, but they have people based in Denmark and in the States. The client wants to be able to filter, or toggle, between people in US vs. DK under each tab.

Is that possible to do within Webflow?

Crossing my fingers for an answer! :slight_smile:



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