Filtering from JS a collection


I just got started with webflow. I am building this website:

I have a CMS Collections with a set of projects. Each project has some name and coordinates. On a page I have a full Google Maps Map (custom added via JS) and I represent all the projects on that CMS collection. When a user click on a marker in the map the idea is to showcase on a floating container the information on the project. I have that floating container already set up with a Collection List and filtered by a “project id”.

Now, what I am trying to figure out is… when I click on the google maps marker I want to fire an event so that Collection list is filtered to the project I have clicked. So effectivedly I am trying to find out what JS method can I call on my custom code to change the filter on a Collection List.

I dont see anywhere a JS reference to interact with Webfflow from JS custom code.

Veyr muchn appreciate any hints!