Filtering blog post on tags from dynamic list

Hey there

I have made my blog with the possibillity to add different tags to the different posts… works great.
Now I have my page with the blog post and a column with all the Tags (from the dynamic list). But how is it possible to click on the different tags and only show blog posts containing this tag?

Off course I could do it manually for each tag, but thats no solution… need to be done by sending the tags as parameters I guees, but how?

Thanks in advance


If you want that, usually one would make “tags” a Collection, so you can have a collection template.

Otherwise, there is the isotope or custom code option.

Well my Tags are allready a collection but how do you make the link on them so it will work?


Drop dynamic list in tag template. Filter current tag.

Sorry I dont get that? … what is tag-template? and I still dont know what to put in the URL on the tags?

Ahha I found it, and got it to work now… great.