Filtering a button click to redirect on multiple criteria

Hey team,

I have a use case that I can’t solve by myself. So I have a page. On this page, I use CMS data. So basically, it returns houses to rent. Of course, I have one page for every location. So I handled that part successfully.

For every location page, I have different kinds of rent: house, apartment, guest house, Bed& breakfast etc.

And here is my struggle. If my users are on the location page in NYC, they will see all the houses in NYC. But if he wants to visit a page with only Bed & Breakfast in NYC from this location page, I don’t know how to do it.

I have 3 CMS databases:

  • Location (record of the different locations in different places).
  • type of houses (record of the different kinds of houses).
  • houses (record of all the houses).

I’m sure it’s doable, but I don’t know how. Right now, I only succeed on the location page to filter the type of houses available per location. But when users click on a type of house in a specific location, it redirects users to all the types of houses worldwide, not in a specific place.

How can I do that?

Hi R,

This kind of setup can get complex quickly, the Webflow CMS is limited in the ways in which you can bind data to collection lists, so figuring out the “views” you want is the place to start.

From there, go as far as you can with vanilla Webflow, and then you can add specialized features like dynamic sorting and filtering on top of that with Finsweet’s CMS Filter, CMS Load, and CMS Sort libraries.

If you get in over your head, I do a lot of this kind of work, you can direct message me here for my rates.