Filter System where it can display only additional filters that have results

I am using finsweet filter system and I want to make it where once I click a filter option, all the additional filters that have results will stay available and the remaining filters that, if I were to click, would show no results, will be greyed out and shown as unavailable to click. Is this possible with the current setup?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Staging Link: Work

Looking for any help on this. Thanks.

Hey Cam, have you asked in Finsweet’s slack group?
That would be the best place to get advice on Finsweet’s products.

My guess is, maybe they have an approach to this, or some settings you can use, but that would likely be documented with the tools you’re using.

Your alternative is to write custom scripts that execute after the filtering is applied to hide / disable the irrelevant filters.

I appreciate the help! Ill look for custom code solutions.