Filter showing three CMS items when only one should show

Hi all,

I am having an issue with the drop down filter on my team page. When there should only be one item showing in the results, it is showing three.

I am presuming there is a minimum results set somewhere, but not able to find out where this is set.

Does anyone know where to change or have experienced this before?

Not sure if my client would be happy for a public share of the site atm

Hi Jamie, without seeing your setup, nothing the community can really do to help.
You could build a demo of it with the exact same problem and we can help you spot it.

An odd one, but after lots of looking around I think the issue was that the filter didn’t like values with only two letters (or at least that’s my assumption).

Changed a team filter name ‘IT’ to ‘IT Team’ and a location filter from ‘UK’ to ‘United Kingdom’ and the filter is working.

Thanks Michael, I thought that may be the case.

I created a read only link then tried it and the filters don’t seem to be working on the read only version anyway.