Filter latest spotlight post from rest of blog posts?

Hi fellow webflowers,

I’ve added a “spotlight” section to the recent articles that shows the latest article with the spotlight switch enabled. Below that, I wanted to show other recent articles but NOT the latest spotlight article.

The issue i’m having is if i filter out spotlight articles period, then it removes prior spotlight articles from the recents list. If i start the list at #2, then if there’s a blog post more recent than the spotlight article without the switch enabled, it won’t show.

Is it possible to have the CMS only ignore the most recent spotlight entry?

Thanks in advance!

Hey L, can you post your read-only link so others can help you better?

Here’s how you can get that!

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Just remember to uncheck the spotlight switch on the items when you add a new one?

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Please let me know if it doesn’t work!

Have you tried what @Fonsume mentioned? If I understand your problem right, that solution should work!

It would work if it was for me, unfortunately I don’t think it’d be a reliable solution for my client.