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Here is my issue :
I have given the same class to all my images, a class called “allimages” and I’ve also added a new class for example for the flower images, a class called “crmlinks” (in addition to “allimages”).
Everything works concerning the “All images” link. When I click on it it shows all the images and when I click on another link, for example “crmlinks” link, all the images disappear, but I the “crm” images don’t display, nothing happens.
I have follow all of the following instructions (filter images , but the thing is I CAN’T select the second class of my image in the trigger interaction panel. Let me show you :

Please answer as soon as possible.
This is very important for me.
Thank you for your time & patience.

Hi @Blaise_Posmyouck,
Seems that second class that you create wasn’t global class. and Combo-class will not appear in the interaction panel. What you can do now: create simple div, give it class that you need a filter to (that one that is combo class now). In this way class will become global and will be available for interactions. Then you can just delete div.


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Dear Sabanna.
This works perfectly, you’re amazing !!

Thank you so much :smile:


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:blush: Always welcome. Glad to be useful.

Hey again Sabanna :slight_smile:
Now I have another issue :S (sorry I’m not very good at creating websites atm…)
Everything works when I click on CRM for example all CRM links and only CRM will display.
But my images are also links (there’s a linkblock containing it) and when I click on an image to access the link (in a new window), my filter breaks and I got all the images again (no more CRM links only).
Do you know why I have this issue ?

Thank you again for your patience & comprehension.
See you soon I hope !

Could you share read-only link to your project, please? It will be much easier to find out where is the reason of this problem.

Guidance you can find here: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link - Webflow Tips - Forum | Webflow

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