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Filter dynamic list by "current dynamic page"

I have three products created with dynamic products pages.

I also have a set of icons that I would like to display on each product page.
Some of the icons are associated with one, two, or all three of the products so I need a way to
filter the icons by the “current” dynamic product page.

For example lets say

-product 1 is associated with icons a,b, and c.
-product 2 is associated with icons a, and c
-product 3 is only associated with icon b.

I need by product pages to pull those icons onto that particular product page.

I’ve tried using multiple referencing associating to a third collection called “product names” but it doesn’t let me dynamically choose which product I am filtering.

I need the filter to pull the current product that the page is displaying and the use that to only pull the icons associated with that particular product page.

Make sense?
Any help?

I think its not that difficult.
Lets try:

Create a collection e.g. “ICONS” and create there the icon elements a, b and c (name and image …aso.)

Then you go to your “product” collection and add a multi-reference item and link that to “ICONS”.

Next go to your “PRODUCT collection page template”, insert a dynamic list element and reference to “ICONS”.
Insert a image within that element and “GET IMAGE FROM ICONS”.

Then you should be fine.

@Daniel_Schultheiss If I do this, then each product page includes all of the icons, no matter how I associate the multi reference field.

That is why I was thinking I would need to use a filter (as in the way you filter featured blogs using a featured switch in the collection) but I need the switch to be associated to the “current product page” so it changes between the pages.

Any thoughts?

Figured it out. It doesn’t work if you create a multi reference to icons within products collection, but it does work if you create a multi reference to products within the icons collection.

I think the log is as follows:

If you link to collection i from Collection p, then the template page for p cannot use itself to filter the dynamic list of content from collection i.

If you link to collection ~p from collection p, then you can use collection ~p to filter contents on the template page for collection p. I guess there is a kind of double dipping rule going on here, that if the template page is already using collection X to switch between the contents of page X1, X2, Xn, then you cannot also use collection X as a “nested filter” to further narrow the content down. Webflow has mentioned this before that cascading and nested filters are not allowed… for now.

@webflow should get on this ASAP.

Actually no.

I did use a multi-reference on the collection “Products” referencing to the collection of “Icons”.
Product One contains Icon 1&2, Product Two contains 1&3.

You can see the final result here:

If you need a public share link, let me know.


if they are listing in dynamic icons?

not quite sure what you meant with that ?