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Filter doesn't apply to logo after Mouse click (tap) 2nd click

Hi there, first post on here!
Super excited about the possibilities Webflow has opened for me and many others.

I am running into a problem where the filter I have set to change my logo’s color after the second click (close menu) doesn’t seem to get applied. Very strange as the 1st click does work.

Please check my Read only and Published link as I think it that should clear up what I am trying to accomplish.

- I want the logo to change to black when I open the menu and change back to white when I close the menu -

Thank you for looking.


Here is my public share link: LINK

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hey @Silvan_Soeters! be welcome!

I think you can solve the problem using 200% brightness on second click animation, no?

I tested here and it worked!


Wow, that was fast.

Yes it works perfectly and thank you!

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Cool! Great work on this website!

Please mark this post as solved if it helped you :wink:

Best regards,
Eve Kayser

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Thanks man! I remade this website so fast in Webflow from another - relatively unkown - system. But now I’m planning to make some more changes since things that were pretty much impossible before are so doable now. Really happy I finally gave it a try…

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