Filter collection not working correctly anymore


I’m testing Webflow.
I exported a collection of flats to csv.
Then modified the data in Excel, saved as csv and then imported it again in to the collection of Webflow.
But now, the filter of column “Haus” is not working anymore.
I filter for houses with the number 12 but it shows only one, but there are more.

I checked if there are some Space-Chars in the “Haus”-Column, but there not.
Does anybody know what I do wrong?

Kind regards

Hey Alain!

That’s expected, you only have one Hauss at 12 to show. All the other ones have a status Draft.

When importing stuff, if the CMS spots an error like too many char in a field limited to a number of chars, it doesn’t necessarily halt the import. It will Draft the item until you come fix it. And that can be a hell to fix in Webflow so most often you’ll delete everything, fix in excel or modify the limitation of your fields, and import again.

In your case your issue could be that all your requuired fields are not set.

But I think you are in fact limited by your plan: in free staging, you can only have 20 CMS Items. pay for a site plan to unleash everything, or pay for a Designer plan to unlock enhanced staging with 50 CMS items.

Thanks Vincent, I guess “Drafts” was it :slight_smile:

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