Filter CMS list for CMS Template page

Hi everyone,

I have a webflow website and have a CMS collection with collaborators (one of the fields is the Instagram handle)

I would like to pull data from multiple Instagram accounts (a variable number) into a CMS collection with Zapier and then, in the Collaborator CMS collection page (the template) I would like to filter all the posts pulled with Zapier to only display posts of the collaborator.

I know it’s possible to filter CMS list to only include items that match the filter, but is there a way to have a dynamic value (the collaborator Instagram handle) in the Filter ?

If not, any ideas on how to implement this feature ?

Thanks a lot for your help !!

Kind regards,


Hi Joe, you can easily create e.g. 1000 collaborator pages in the CMS, and only show that collaborator’s posts. However in that scenario they are all public and accessible to everyone.

If you’re trying to identify the Collaborator and show them only their own posts, then you need a User system and User-owned data. The best approaches to build that are Wized+Airtable ( or Xano ). Memberstack is also good if you are comfortable with coding and familiar with how the Webflow CMS operates.