Filter by Reference, but not Multi-Reference

Why can we not filter by Multi-Reference? A few people have asked already, but nobody has indicated whether this is possible, or a yet to be released feature… (or if it ever will).

Just a quick simple answer will be great. Thanks


Currently it’s not supported but it’s something we want to implement!


Thanks. I think it’s pretty important for a content first approach.

Hi Sergie,

Just wondering is there a time frame when this would be available? Sorry I am not rushing, just need to look at other approach if this is not available soon. Thanks!

It’s already good to go but waiting on something to make it available to you guys. Hold on tight!

With this enhancement you’ll be able to filter by ONE item that’s in a multi reference.

I LOVE WEBFLOW!!! Thank you so much Sergie and fellow Webflow Staff that make this possible!! Thank you!!

Yes! I love the new update! THANK YOU!!!

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