Filter a collection list based on keywords?

I’m trying to complete a project that will have majority of data imported and maintained via CSV but I’ve been frustrated to just learn that the multi-reference field that I was going to use for the categories cannot be mapped via CSV import.

The categories won’t change so I thought that I could use a switch for each category to filter results on to separate collection pages but I’m out of fields (currently using 29/30 allocated to the account).

I’m hoping there is some other work around… e.g. is it possible to filter a collection list based on several keywords that I can add to a text field?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


To answer simply, NO! Webflow doe snot have the capability to filter using Keywords. Thats actually where a multi-reference field would come into use.

What you could do is create a CMS Collection that just has one field called Keyword. For each cms item it would be a keyword. You could then call the multi-reference field ‘keyword/tag’.

This would then allow you to map your categories. My question tho is how many different categories do you have? Can you send me your share link? That would probably be best with what I am seeing from your questions here.

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Thanks for the response.
I was happy with adding products to categories using multi-reference field until I found out that I can’t map them when importing them via CSV.

There are approx 300 products, 16 categories.

Yeah when importing that many products it would take time. However ur best option is still multi-reference unfortunately! They would have to be all manually updated!

I think the main issue is referencing another collections. You could submit a feature to the wishlist at

That’s a bugger. I told my client that adding products would be easy :disappointed:
I read somewhere about using the API to map fields might be an option so I might look into that some more. That avenue feels a little frustrating as I was sold Webflow via their marketing as a designers “NO CODE” solution. I also seem to be adding to the Wishlist quite a lot lately for features that I thought would have been mandatory.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate your help.


You have to keep in mind that they r only vamping up development for projects within the last year or so!

Keep in mind u can do what u r looking to do u just have to do it manually for some of it! Although if u r doing products i would suggest the e-commerce side of the cms. U have a bit more control over what’s added. However, the multi-reference is still limited with a csv upload!

If i can be of more help please lmk?! Also, u can DM me ur share link if u don’t want it public!

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