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Film Production Company Website - using MixItUp

Hey, I built this website for an Irish film production company.

It’s all static pages and the main page uses the MixItUp plugin. I may have used the CMS but having figured out how to use the MixItUp plugin with the CMS yet.

Any feedback is more than welcome - good, bad or indifferent!

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Really good use of MixItUp here - I’ll be using it in a future project and it seems somewhat daunting so it’s encouraging to see a successful use case here.

As for feedback, I dig the dark theme of your site. One recommendation is to drastically reduce your logo size (maybe by up to 50%) and vertically center all the topbar items. Aslo consider a slight reduction of topbar height (on my screen it occupies 30% of valuable screen real estate!)

Awesome work and clean fade transitions from page to page, too.


Thanks for the comments - fair point on the size of the header, i’ve reduced the size of it now.

You should look into getting the mixitup plugin working with the CMS - if you need a CMS - it can be achieved with javascript I believe.

all the best

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