FILLED - Need Freelancer for Daytime Work

I’m looking for a freelancer for ongoing hourly work. You need to be able to speak English fairly well, and you need to be able to talk during the day (9-5 MST) – either on the phone or via Hangout or something. Please don’t apply if you have a full-time job. I’ve got a great site (done by a designer here!) that has some CMS elements that need to get fixed. Essentially a template (for making other pages) needs to get fixed, and we need to tweak it additionally to create a CRO landing page template as well. If you have experience with FB Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads or Perfect Audience, also let me know, as I’ve got some needs regarding those as well. Please email me with your hourly rate and show me some of your work. If you’d care to pass on a reference, that would be helpful as well. I’m looking to get this done today!
Take a look at the page in question
You’ll see that 2 maps seem to show up, and the text for “Pricing” reads the same as the text for “Schedule.” Those are the 2 main things I’d like to fix today. Again though, this is for ongoing work as well.

Filled. Thanks for the submissions!