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Files click to download?

How can I make a file click to download? Our customer is requesting this. I have PDF’s and I also have them in JPEG form. Help?


I have had to do this for a client as well, and the way I did it was to upload the file to Google Drive (could be your cloud storage service of choice), and then get a share link. Be sure it is not a restricted sharing link, but rather an open-to-the-web link.

Create a button in a link block, and style it to your liking. Then copy and paste that share link into the link block settings. That way, when you click on the button, it links to the Google Drive file, and they can view or download from there.

Hope this helps! :grinning:


@ilikewebdesign thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a go! :+1:

If the files are related, you could also just put them in a folder in Google Drive, then share the folder… might be a better solution than a bunch of buttons!

He wants a button to click so it downloads… hmm

In this Wish List thread, it looks like what you are talking about has already been requested, and is possibly in the works!

Oh man! Maybe I can figure out a work-a-round for now. :sweat:

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