File uploads won't go to email

Hey guys!

So i’ve built out a website for a recruitment agency.

I designed a form with an upload feature so candidates can upload their cv’s alongside the form etc… however, the client only receives the email without the CV? But when I go into project settings & go to the forms tab I am able to download the cv’s from the submissions. Is there any reason why the client is not receiving the cv’s ? (file uploads)

@vincent Hey man, you’ve helped me with a few things, wondered if you could shed some light on this?

I can find the files (CV’s) alongside form submission within webflow’s project settings, however, the client themself doesn’t receive the file uploaded alongside the form (CV)… They only receive the form…

I don’t know what you used for this because this isn’t a wf function, and how this is supposed to work. Also I believe what client receives is what’s described in the mask you create for the export, in the site’s settings form tab, which I can’t check.

What do you mean by ‘this isn’t a wf function & how it’s supposed to work’ could you explain this in further detail please