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I’m familiarizing myself with the Webflow file upload functionality. I uploaded a test PDF file, however, I’m unable to link to it. The link settings on my interface are missing the file link option, however, on another one of my projects I’ve confirmed that the option is indeed there.

I have confirmed that the link block I’m trying to test with is within a Collection List. My only theory is that this particular project is my free project that they gave me when I signed up months ago, I generally use it to quickly check out features - maybe linking to files is premium only? Although I was able to successfully add the file field to the CMS and upload so I’m not sure.

Here’s a photo of the link settings that I have, missing that file option:

Here’s another showing that the link block is indeed within a Collection List, within a collection Item:

Here’s the read-only link to the site: Webflow - Matt's First Project

There is literally nothing on the site, except a background image and an empty collection list, as I only use it to test things out quickly.

Hi @matt.lawrence,

Thanks so much for posting here.

I did some digging on this end — it looks like you don’t have a CMS or Business Site Plan for this project. Please note that in order to use the file field in your collection, you’ll need to have one of these plans:

You can learn more on this feature here: File field | Webflow University

Hope this helps :bowing_man:

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