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File field document type not allowed

I have just discovered that File Field in CMS does not allow the type of file - LED lighting industry standard photometric files (.ldt) - that my client’s website needs to have available for their users to be able to download.
This is a bit of a nightmare as I’m supposed to be launching the site next week. Does anyone have any idea of a possible workaround?

You can create your own download button if you store your file in your own server or somewhere else and then link your button to that place.

We’ve been doing that before Webflow allowed uploads.

Thanks for the reply. I was considering this type of solution but was wondering if it could create a security issue. What do you think?

Do you have a working example of this that I could view?

Do you think the following could work?:
Set up a login page for the client to upload files via a form using File Upload and somehow link to those files for download?

…probably a bit convoluted and I’m not sure whether there would be any advantages over your method.

@freelancedan what I’ve done in the past is upload the file to dropbox, get a share link, change the “dl=0” at the end to “dl=1” (this refers to if the file is automatically downloaded or not), and then you can put this link in a CMS field.

This would make the file automatically download when a user clicks the link.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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Hi @freelancedan

@justin_c has a really good example

Another way is uploading your files to Google drive, get the ID from your file and add that to a URL like this:"YOUR-FILE-ID"

You can add then the URL to a CMS field and this way it’ll download straight away as well.

Thanks Justin, I did try with dropbox and it didn’t work so I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go down that road until I did as you suggested. Works fine, except having to alter the URL might not go down too well with my client.
I might add a little script in there to do that job.

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Thanks Aaron. Could be the one.

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