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Figure this design idea is possible

I am creating a Special Deal section on a customer’s website. I have not yet built the site within Webflow. I’m seeing if my idea is possible to do within webflow.

Can you direct me to the right place? To read or learn how to do this please and thank you.


  1. Display Image of the special product0
  2. Count timer that lets the person know when the deal is over.
  3. The product will gray out when the special product is not available for that day.
  4. Display a date when the special product is available again on the website.

These are not products you can buy on the website but products that you can get when you shop at the cafe like rewards similar to Starbucks.

Should be something you can do. Depends on how automated you want it. And not sure how often the products will be available again.

You could create a CMS Collection for Deals, and add in a Date, Next Available Date, and isActive checkbox.

Here is something I found on how to do a countdown timer, might help.

And To automate it you could use something like Integromat or Zapier to at regular intervals, see if the Deal date has passed, and if it has, update the isactive checkbox for the CMS Item.

You can then have some variable UI on the collection page to display things grayed out if the product is not available, and show the next available date.

Hope that points you in the right direction.