Figma -> webflow

New to webflow

I have a hang of designing websites on Figma.

Do you recommend me to build one directly on webflow or use auto llayout plugin in figma?

Which is easier?

Howdy @Anirudhhh and welcome to the community! :wave:

Given your experience with Figma, I’d recommend trying out the newly released plugin — at least for your first build. It still requires a bit of setup within Figma to work properly but it will help get you into Webflow faster and minimize the learning curve of starting from scratch in the Designer.

That said, Webflow is hugely powerful and allows for much more than the plugin currently offers so I recommend taking some time to poke around the University to learn a bit more. It’s all free and if you run into any issues, you can always come back here — the community is more than happy to assist when possible.

Good luck and happy Webflow-ing :tada:

I would definitely say, always start designing in Figma first (or any other design program) before starting to build in Webflow. It’s always better to follow your design and then make it, instead of trying stuff out in Webflow first.