Figaro Gallery Grid Responsiveness on Mobile Device


I’ve been trying to mimic the Figaro template built by, but I’ve run into some issues with the responsiveness of my own site.

When you access the Figaro Webflow template on a mobile device, the gallery grid responds to one touch thereby revealing the hover image. However, after I setup my own interactions on my site linked below using the Mouse Hover interaction, I don’t get the same response when viewing the site on my mobile device. I click the images in my gallery and no hover image is revealed.

Here’s a link to the Figaro preview site.

Suggestions? Thanks!

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Found the answer to my own question after a little more digging.

If anyone ever to learn new skills by copying Webflow templates, cheers to you. The answer to my question above comes through selecting the div image (Image Wrapper Left, for example, in the Figaro Template) and head to Effects> Cursor> Pointer.

Adding the pointer instead of using Default must allow you to engage in the interaction using mobile devices.