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Fields before enter to the website(alcohol website)

I have such need:
Every alcohol website requires to have a page where you need to prove your age(under 21). When user enters right age it you will enter on the website.
Is it possible to do in Webflow? (how?)

Just create a new page as Homepage, Create the content and link the “OVER 18” button to another page that has all the website’s content. the “NOT 18” can send the user to another page.
better ideas anyone?

I was thinking about that but couldn’t find what the law actually requires. Maybe the law requires a bit more than a click on a button.

I also checked this question and I can say for my market it’s not obligatory, but I would like to have it just because it looks professional.
Just curious, is it possible in webflow to make special rules for forms? Might be useful for other needs to check validity of e-mail, name, telephone and other…