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Field must not be empty


Could someone please help me pinpoint the issue that is causing there to be an error message in my Zoho form when I click submit?

I’ve been running tests on a dummy page before going live and I’m able to send the lead on desktop (and desktop mobile/making the screen smaller) but when I try to test it on my phone, I get a popup saying ‘Name must not be empty’. Obviously, the name is not empty when I try to submit.

Any ideas as to why it isn’t working on mobile?

Thank you!

Here’s the page I’ve been testing on:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Where did you get the validation custom code from? Obviously some setting does not match your form fields.

I exported the source code from Zoho directly

Oh I see that you have the form embedded twice on the page. That will not work.

I had to create a mobile version because the fields were too long.

As someone who doesn’t code I didn’t know how to make the form responsive.
I would definitely prefer that option, though!

The fields have a fixed width. Just remove anything that matches width:###px from the code, or replace with width:100%

Ok, so I did that, but I got this:

I tried putting it in a div block, limiting the width, none of it seems to work.