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Few Questions Before Getting Into WebFlow


I emailed Webflow few days ago but looks like I should’ve just came to the forum. Just some general questions. Just came across Webflow and it looks very interesting. I’m not that technical and have been using WP with programs like Ultimatum or Headway. I want to build sites for clients.

My questions are…

  1. No. of Pages - what if a client wants more than 100 pages? (answered after searching this forum)

  2. Templates - if a site has 100 pages and I need to change the header for example. Unless I’m wrong, I’d need to make 100 changes. I don’t see anywhere were I can create a site template, or even a header template, and just update the template once so the whole site updates, or assign templates to pages. Is this possible?

  3. Blog - is it possible to add a blog? (answered after searching this forum. that would be a no)

  4. Ecommerce - is it possible to add ecommerce functionality? (answered after searching this forum. that would be a no)

  5. Design - WP obviously allows a lot of flexibility with all the plugins. For example horizontal/vertical tabs/accordians, carousels etc. Is there an easy way to do this in Webflow without paying someone to code? There’s a load of things in CodeCanyon but not sure if they can be used and how.

  6. SEO - Basic SEO is good but what about things like Local SEO etc as Yoast provides?

Thanks very much in advance

  1. Page packages are coming as far as I know.
  2. Symbols are coming
  3. Not yet, might be ready soon. For now you can move site to wordpress using Ultimatum plugin. Tutorial by @pingram3541 on forum.
  4. nope.
  5. a lot of stuff is ready as a widget. more are coming. People around this forum, including me, are giving away their plugins. Also people around this forum, including me, are willing to do more complex scripts for a small donation :slight_smile:
  6. Basic SEO so far.
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Thanks. Just one thing? What do you mean by ‘Symbols’? Do you mean themes?


No, I mean that you will be able to design eg. header and add it to symbols just like you can add objects in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Then you can use those symbols on every page as eg. header. That way when you will change it in one place it will be changed in all places.

Hi Andy - some users have used paystand to integrate ecommerce solutions with Webflow. See this blog post for more details:

Thanks for your replies and I’ll have a look at paystand.

Can some post the url for the Ultimatum tutorial done by @pingram3541? Thanks!

Using the forum’s search:

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very hope that you will move faster with Blog implementation! It’s crucial for website development