Feedback: Right-click to convert div blocks to link blocks

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Thanks for this Webflow!! Wohoo! I was just wishing i had this feature the other day and look what your telepathic minds have done!

Can’t wait for more telepethatic features from you guys!

Quick question… I noticed that it only applies per div block… so if I tried to apply a link block to a div with a class name… It doesn’t change all the divs with that class… is that by design? I could see wanting to have it both ways sometimes…

Great enhancement for sure! :partying_face:

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Chance this feature could be expanded to work with text <–> text links as well?


This is a very useful addition. Great job as always. :ok_hand:

@brjohnson Very useful, good work on this one! So much better of an update than the Navigator on the left!!! Navigator on the left