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Feedback on image grid


I’ve just created a responsive grid and was wondering if anyone can give me some general feedback on it - is there anything that could be done better.

One thing that is frustrating is that you’ll notice on the first row it has 3 images and the second has 2. However, I cant manage to get the smaller image to size properly so that it looks right (it becomes slightly smaller).

Any advice as to how I fix that issue would be greatly appreciated. The only way I have managed to so far is to remove all padding (however, I want to have a small white border between the grid).

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Conor_Maurice,

Are you familiar with Flexbox ?
You should have a look at it, it would be so much easier than Row for your case.
Webflow team have created a game so you can learn with fun

Hope this helps

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Exactly what I was after. Thanks for the help!