Feedback needed for homepage

This is my first webflow site. I have published my “under construction” web pages to my domain, but now I’m working what will be the future homepage.

Brief overview: the site is going to be UGC. People will create designs in a canvas editor, (no clue how I’m going to do that, but that’s another conversation for later.) Anyway, it will be a shop, where they can collect shop items to their profile and then use them in their designs.

I think maybe I need to better explain it on the homepage? Let me know if you think I’m being too vague on it. And do you like the layout?

Thanks much!!

A lot of your images are not loading. Not sure why. Are you linking to external images?

Hi Dave. The ones at the bottom were part of the template, so they’re not working because I did the copy/paste from another project. Do the large images load ok?

And thank you!!

Images are loading ok now but your entire site is set to the left of my screen. Likely you have an element with a huge fixed width.