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Feedback: Create better browsing experiences with enhanced collection filtering (plus, learn about two more CMS enhancements)

Excited to share three new enhancements that give you more power over your dynamic content. Have thoughts or feedback? Share them here!

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I really like this, but am also hoping this is not what we have been waiting for years. What my projects really wants is checkbox filtering and select sorting. why do we have to wait years for simple functionally?

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Wonderful stuff on the OR sorting! That’s been requested since the start ^^

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Nice! Looking forward to that front end filtering for site visitors + a price filter for ecommerce. Sorry always more … more … more

Hello. Some feedback.

The “OR” function is pretty much useless in many cases since it can’t be combined with the “AND” function. I can’t filter a list of posts/items on two tags AND category, for example. Instead it’ll be “tag OR tag OR category”, meaning I get every single thing in the category, or “tag AND tag AND category”, meaning I only get stuff with both tags inside the category.

Surely this isn’t intended?