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Feedback and Questions

Hello to all you Webflow Experts,

i am redesigning a page for a client and would like to hear your feedback and also have a couple of questions.
I am quite happy with the dekstop view so far. Only thing is to do the typography so that i works also for the tablet and phone views.

As you can see on the screenshot in the section “selbstverstaendnis” there i one single word on top of the second column. Do you guys know a way to force this into the first column so that the second column start with “Unsere Praxen gibt…” right from the top?

The other issues i am having is that i created a little “monster” that pops up when you scroll over the “team” section. I have trouble to keep the image and the text on top of each other so that the text doesnt fly around to far from the yellow speechbubble. I am sure this is quite simple but i only dont know how to do it.

I am looking forward to hear your feedback and tips on that.
Big thanks to this great community.

Have a good week!

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