Feedback about product page


No responsive design. Only for 1450-1920px

Clearly separating your navigation or making it larger/bolder to make it more visible is a must in this case.

Also I have no idea what I am looking at :smiley: Is it one product? Two products? What am I “adding to bag”? I think the responsiveness (or lack thereof) is contributing to the confusion. Here is what I see.

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Thank you. @dram

This is, at the moment, dummy data. But Yes, it will be one product

What kind of confusion are you talking about? Everything works as it should. You hover over different parts of the screen and the animation is performed, depending on which half (which image) of the screen your cursor is on.

Then, I noticed that you was confused by the appearance of the second button “add”.

The button disappeared and appeared on the second section. This eliminates the need to scroll to the beginning. Didn’t I?

Navigation is really built for"tick". I’ll be working on that.

Any other advice?

Visually strong and very appealing - ux wise you should make some choices.
Keep up the good work. :+1:

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When you hover the left part the “add to bag” button has one text, when you hover right part the text changes, so I assumed that was another item that you can also add. But hovering back to the add button changed the text again. Not sure what’s going on.

This approach is somewhat flawed in that the second button doesn’t look like the first one and it doesn’t feel like you are doing the same action. Just keep the same button floating around, being stickied or something like that. You shouldn’t break continuity of it being on the screen all the time.

Since you do not tell which parts of the page you want to hear feedback on and some things were done “for tick” (did you mean “для галочки”?) it is hard to give advice for just this little part. Perhaps you wanted to show an animation?

button area is shown in the screenshot.
That is, you hover over this area-the text changes, making it clear that you can interact with it.

Okay, I’ll work on that.

I wanted to hear feedback about the overall concept. Not a separate part, the overall impression of this page.

To understand what to change.

Thanks to you, I think I really need to work on the “add” button.

Any other nuances that need to be changed, I’d like you to report them. I would like now, at the beginning, ounderstand the main mistakes.

Ah and the General impression I would, too, wanted to hear

@new_work_city thank you, however, do you have any tips for improvement?

For starters, it is unclear to me - when I hover over either the left or the right side - which is the active side. Maybe fade out the text on the opposite side - to strongly indicate what the active side is

Also the clipping at the top at MAGNET and PALETTE - is seems this is done by accident rather than by design. Try to clip the bottom too.

I would try another pointer, maybe the crossair, to indicate that this is a special hero section.

Just a few things I can come up now

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