Feature section not filling up block

I am trying to make sure the feature blocks are consistent with image touching border and text touching border (I.e. from left to right, they all start/end on the same grid line.

For EG, the Feature Container (image on right) doesn’t extend to the same length that the Feature Container (image on left) does. But I can’t see any difference in settings?

Any advice on this?

Here is my site Read-Only

As you using the same CSS to wrap both images the second (right image) also get the 40px margin-right. That’s why.

I’m not seeing any margin on my images - it’s set to auto for the feat container margin and then 0 on the featured image itself?

Is NOT the image the one that have margin, its “Feature Image Mask” Class the one who is affecting it.

Ah brilliant, thank you! Sorry for the silly q…thanks so much for the support.

Not a problem! Happy to help.