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Feature request: Save section as block

Hey guys,

First things first - I LOVE webflow. I am a designer and a developer, and has since I started working with the web tried a lot of different tools and solutions and have to say webflow is one of my top choices for creating websites.

I just wanted to make two feature requests that I think many will benefit from and need.

1. Be able to save a section (or anything really) as a block
A block in this sense is a group of code that can be re-used across projects. So really its your own template-library. Blocks should have the ability to use global styling, but should also have individual styling if needed. What I am looking for is something like this: - it would truly be an AMAZING feature

2. Being able to write your own or modify the HTML and CSS of any section/block/element
This would also be TRULY amazing. I think everyone would benefit from this. For us that really love writing code, this would be an amazing addon feature.

This being said, if these 2 features will ever see the light of day, I will probably start to cry. :smiley: