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Feature request: Delete (non-empty) folder

I bought a template that comes with 50+ pages in various folders. Now that I’m done with it and trying to optimize my site’s publish times (another thing you guys need to fix), I can’t delete the unused templates unless I do it page by page, 50+ times!

I can’t delete a folder because…? Just give us a confirmation dialog and let us get this done in 2 clicks, instead of 400.


This feature has been asked for for years:

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Jeebus, now that I’ve laboriously deleted the templates, I realized I also have to delete all the images from those templates, one by one. We need click-to-select on these images too.


This was likely overlooked during the initial folders implementation, but will look into it!

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Is it still tracked? :slight_smile: I’ve stumbled upon this issue a couple of times and it’s definitely a productivity killer, so would definitely be nice to have this implemented :slight_smile: