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Feature Request Category

How about setting up a new category for Feature requests

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Hey @PixelAce - try the “Feedback” category. People have been using that to submit new feature ideas.

I was going to propose a UserVoice-like feature voting capability be added to the support area, but realized looking at that it can be handled pretty well within the forum, simply by including a Features category. When I came here to propose that, I found @PixelAce’s comment.

@bbryant, Feedback is a good category as well, but I feel like by mixing together all feedback, it doesn’t serve as a features voting mechanism as well as a dedicated Features or Vote for Features category would.

I think Feedback draws users to offer feedback, but browsing other’s ideas or taking a moment to favorite them becomes an afterthought because the category name doesn’t emphasize those activities. By creating a separate Vote on Features category, users would now be drawn to it specifically to review the ideas of others and make a task of voting (via favoriting).

So I think it would produce a lot more data, and more meaningful data, about what users are looking for, and also provide a new avenue of user engagement that would be valued by your user base.

I don’t know the relative size of your user bases, but just look at the number of likes that feature requests are getting at

That’s roughly an order of magnitude greater than the Webflow forum Feedback category gets. If your user base is 10% of’s, then maybe I’m off base on the added value. But for myself, I’ve never thought about coming here to review and rate suggestions, but always do on UserVoice sites, which make a focused ask for that participation.


As requested: About the Wish List category

Wow, didn’t see that happening that fast! Cool, will try to populate it with care.