[Feature/Help] Control Built-in animation Time

Webflow has added built-in animations and that’s awesome!

The only thing that i didn’t like is that isn’t possible to control the animation time.

I can for instance on an scroll animation control the delay and the offset, but not the time (and some animations are very fast).

To solve this problem i recreate the animations changing the timing, but i would like to use the defaults to speed up my project.

An good way to implement this is an speed factor: this factor would affect all the animation time. Let’s say an custom animation with two steps:

The first one is an opacity from 0 to 1 that takes 200MS.

The Second one is an spin animation (360deg) that takes 600MS.

If the speed factor is 1.5 the times will change to 300 and 900. If the speed factor is 0.5, the times will decrease to 100 and 300.

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