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[Feature / Basic phone version of site] Is it possible to create a super basic mobile version for Feature / basic phones?

A client of mine is trying to be accessible to users with Feature / Basic phones that use browsers like Opera mini

Is this possible with Webflow?

Excellent question!

I don’t see why not as long as the phone supports javascript, or that you don’t use Javascript (mainly Interactions) on your website.

First you need a few things:

  • What’s the phone, and what’s the specs? What’s the resolution, what’s the width of the viewport and can Webflow viewport shrink down to that to test?
  • is it a touch device? If not, you’ll have to make sure your site is really accessible to be able to pilot it with the keyboard/joystick. But HTML is made for that.
  • does a super simple website work? Make a simple page, use all the elements, make a form, images, slider etc., make everything work in % for the width, and test it on the phone.
  • from there, design and test often.

Use and abuse of for the CSS properties you want to use. You’ll see that Opera mini is a strange beast that sometimes don’t support some very obvious CSS properties.

So you may be limited by the OS and the browser but I don’t see why Webflow would be incapable of producing a super low key & tiny website for Opera Mini.

Can you keep us informed of your findings? I’d do it but I don’t have that kind of free time at the moment :slight_smile:

You could look at css feature detection.

When building international sites or sites that need to support older clients, I have deployed modernizr. It is a well known tool. I don’t plan on using it with webflow as I am not using webflow for those kinds of projects.