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Favicon not showing up + quote box move down in mobile vertical, thank you!

Hi there!

I have two odd problems that I can not seem to solve on my own. I was wondering if there are any creatives out there who might be able to see this problem differently than myself. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  1. The favicon I saved on my site in settings is not actually showing on my site. It is still the favicon of the template I bought. Has anyone experienced this issue?

  2. On mobile verticle view, I am not able to move the arrows and little ‘click next bubbles’ down so it rests underneath the quote instead of on top of it.

Thanks and advance for your time if you have a go at helping me with this issue.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @deveneywilliams,

  1. There might be a favicon inserted with a custom code on the project custom code tab. Check that? (If you give us a link to the published site I can try to understand)
  2. Give the Slider element a larger hight value, so the hole slider will have more space. Then you can move the arrows to the bottom.

Hey there, thank you for your help! That worked for the slider to give it a taller height. However, I do not want to edit too much code to fix the favicon because that is not my expertise.

My website is, would you be able to check it out to see if there is a code issue from your end?