Favicon is not showing on safari - Can you help please

I really don’t understand why I keep uploading my favicon but it won’t work on safari I have seen websites that use this platform and have a great favicon for their site when used through safari but when I refresh mines it stills appears the same.

Do you have safari 12?

thanks and yes I have the newest safari (well it said I did when I tried to re-download) and the favicon works on chrome and other browsers just in safari I still see the Webflow logo even after multiple uploads

Same issue here. I see my clients favon on Chrome and Firefox. But in Safari it says webflow favon?
Is this a bug?

Just a silly question but have you tried refreshing your cache?

Safari uses “apple-touch-icon” instead of “icon”. Also, you will have to specify the icon for all Apple devices if you want it to show up in all of them.

Read more here https://css-tricks.com/favicon-quiz/